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DI Water Resin
for Wherever Pure Water is Needed:

- Car Washing
- Window Washing
- Test Laboratories
- Dental Laboratories
- Medical Services
- Aquaculture
Commercial and Industrial Applications
... and for Manufacturing Applications:
- Waterjet Cutting
- EDM Manufacturing
- WEDM Hole Cutting
- Vibratory Finishing
- Boiler Water Makeup
- Coolant Water Makeup

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For manufacturing and other DI Water needs, you can use your DI Resin again and again.

When you send the exhausted DI resin to ABA, we regenerate the strong acid component to split the water’s salts, and also regenerate the strong base component to remove chlorides and sulfates and complete the regeneration process. We carefully control the chemical mix, temperatures, flows, dwell times and other factors to optimize performance. We produce a consistently high quality resin for single bed or mixed bed use. During regeneration, we also strip away toxic byproducts, such as zinc, copper, and other metals which could otherwise lead to environmental control problems.

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Consistent dielectric strength for perfect EDM parts.

With quality deionized water, high speed EDM systems are capable of producing OEM parts manufactured to extraordinary accuracy. Learn more about controlling WEDM water quality ...
  Typical Head Fitting
Are you cutting carbide? Then ask us to tell you about the Filter System built for EDM Applications.

ABA's DI water filtering system is designed to hold the critical conductivity and resistivity setpoints which are needed ... continued
  Typical Head Fitting
Best Way
to Swap-Out Tanks ... Finding the right tank head configuration.

Not sure which tank fixtures will best match your system? At ABA we stock products and tank connections for the most popular applications. Visit our FAQs page, and the Tank Head Configuration page.
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